Camilla Teething Relief

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Help to sooth the pain and side effects of teething with this homeopathic remedy. It is a great alternative to pain relief drugs. It comes in pre-measured doses which are perfect for the diaper bag. 

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| Chantelle Brodeur 29-11-2017 02:28

This is a staple in our house! Loved it for teething - my daughter erupted 4 teeth in one week. I felt a lot better knowing I wasn't loading her up with (and decreasing the effectiveness of) Tylenol and other more potent painkillers.

| Ashley Roy 15-11-2017 15:52

We liked this product when my son had one tooth coming in... it took the edge off. He’s now working on his 2 upper teeth and this just isn’t enough so we’ve had to resort to Motrin to keep him comfortable at night. This is great for minor/moderate teething pain though, just not the crazy stuff!

| Caity 14-11-2017 03:10

This was our go to for those tough teething days, we would alternate between this and Tylenol. It seriously works great!

| Kendra Ens 11-11-2017 05:29

This stuff works!! And for those that prefer the more homeopathic way you need this! Plus the perfect pre measured doses were awesome for the diaper bag! No sticky syringes

| Jamie Herle 10-11-2017 12:13

These were a lifesaver in our house at teething time. My kids loved them and they worked to relieve pain so it was a win win. These will be a gift in any new baby basket gift I give.

| Megan Hibbard 08-11-2017 20:04

These are great when one tooth came in but when my son had multiple teeth coming in at the same time the Camilla just wasn’t enough but it did take the edge off until the Tylenol kicked in.

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